Air Blower Service Kits

Service kits available for Secoh Bibus JDK air blowers.


These sealed service kits will enable you to prolong the life of your Secoh Bibus air blower avoiding the need to replace the unit. 

They are quick to install and provide a long term, inexpenisive option for your air blower.

Each kit includes:2 x diaphragms, 2 x valve boxes/chamber blocks, 1 x air filter,1 x instruction manual, replacement nuts and washers

Need help fitting them? No problem, contact us here to arrange for an engineer to fit them for you.

The service kits are available for the Secoh Bibus JDK range from 40l/min to 120l/min. 

To install them: Make sure the air blower is receiving a clean, fresh air supply, free from dirt, dust, vegetation growth over ventilation holes, etc.

If the pump has failed, you will need to conduct an air pressure test. Contact us here if you need an engineer to do this for you.

Ensure the area housing the air blower is dry and not at risk of flooding.Make sure that the diameter of you airline from the air blower is of a similar size to the outlet nozzle. This will help reduce high pressure which will increase the lifespan of the air blower.

If using for an aquatic application with small bore manifolds leave at least one tap fully open, venting into water, this will help any pressure known to be created by aquatic air stones.

Clean the air filter regularly. Annually as a minimum, more frequent if you suspect ingress of dirt and dust.