Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing

Sapphire Environmental Ltd offers several service plans for all makes of sewage treatment plants and septic tanks to provide you with peace of mind that your system will operate and function correctly. We can help you to comply with your legal obligations regarding your effluent quality

We are accredited sewage treatment plant service engineers for many different types of plants

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential for all makes and models of sewage treatment plant systems and forms part of the manufacturers warranty conditions.

Preventative maintenance safeguards your treatment plant from expensive repair bills and pollution to groundwater, aquifers and the environment.

Failure to service and maintain your septic tank or sewage treatment plant can result in failed drainage field soakaways, surface water pollution, backed-up drains, foul odours, lack of sanitation and potential prosection.

Sewage Treatment Plants Serviced Include:

  • Klargester
  • FilterPod
  • Vortex
  • Quantum
  • Apex
  • GRAF
  • Falcon
  • Biopure
  • BioKube
  • Marsh
  • Entec
  • Titan
  • Matrix
  • WPL
  • Allerton
  • Rewatec
  • Older plants no longer in production

Clean water sample taken after a sewage treatment plant service


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