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  1. Once again, a callout to a sewage treatment plant that was not working.

    The owner had been using the Matrix sewage treatment plant for 3 years without any maintenance being performed. It was supposed to be emptied every 6 months and serviced once a year.

    The sludge had built up in the primary chamber to the point where it had completely distorted the baffle wall between it and the digestion chamber. There was no way to repair the damage as the outer walls of the tank had also been pulled in as a result and the tank had split from top to bottom.

    A new sewage treatment plant was the only answer and this one was only 3 years old. Although the tank warranty was for 25 years, this only applied if the plant is serviced according to the manufacturers instructions.

    What a waste of money and all for the £75/year cost of a maintenance agreement, where this problem would have been spotted early enough to prevent the damage.