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Don't drive over your sewage treatment plant!

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On a service visit today, I was appalled to see that a Range Rover had been drivng over a sewage treatment plant to its new parking area! On lifting the lid it was obvious that the entire plant was about to collapse, as the weight of the vehicle was being supported on the thin fibreglass 'shoulders' of the tank. Cracks were everywhere. I dare not even stand on the shoulder part of the tank to service it - they were so bad.

I told the owners just how dangerous it was, to stay away from it and that it needed immediate replacement!!

Guess what?? Driving past the house today I noticed that they had not listened to a word I had said. The Range Rover was again parked in its usual position - having driven over the plant again!!!

It is only a matter of time before this tank collapses. I hope no-one is killed as a result.


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